FAQ about our Trading Journal & Tools

What is TradeBench? How can I use it in my trading?

TradeBench is an online trading journal, trade planning and money management tool. We provide a structured approach to trading that can be used by both day tradersswing traders and medium to long term traders.

How can you offer TradeBench for free? What’s the catch?

Good question! We’ve explained it in further detail on this page.

Can I use a cell phone or tablet, such as an iPad, to use TradeBench?

We optimize and test TradeBench for devices with a screen resolution of 1280×768 pixels or higher, which includes almost all newer tablets running either Android or Apple iOS, such as the iPad, iPad Air or iPad Mini Retina. You can use most of the TradeBench website/tools on your cellphone or other/older tablets too, although we do not officially support it. There is no app to download, just open www.tradebench.com in the internet browser on your device.

Which trading vehicles are supported? Stocks, futures, forex, CFDs, cryptocurrencies, options, binary options?

Stocks, futures, forex, cryptocurrencies and CFDs are supported.

Options support is limited: Directional long/short put/call options only, so no support for straddles, strangles, spreads, etc. Binary options are not supported.

We have live or delayed data for most instruments, but if an instrument cannot be looked up, you can still enter it and get most of the benefits of using TradeBench. If an instrument cannot be looked up, our system will use your entry price instead of current (mark-to-market) price for open trades P&L calculations and – of course – your actual entry and exit prices for closed trades. So if there is an instrument you can’t look up, just enter it anyway as it will be supported this way.

Do you support fractional shares (a portion of an equity stock that is less than one full share)?


Which brokers are supported in TradeBench?

TradeBench is not broker specific, which means we support all brokers around the world. You can use TradeBench for real trading and papertrading by adding any real broker(s) you use and as many fictive “PaperTrade” brokers you’d like.

Papertrade brokers are treated separately from your real brokers, but the same risk settings are applied to both type of accounts to make papertrading as realistic as possible. In other words: The same risk settings apply for both real trading and papertrading but don’t interfere with each other.

Is it possible to download my data entered into TradeBench?

You can export your closed trades data as a file to keep a local backup or use the data in a spreadsheet if you want to do calculations not available in TradeBench. Please note that pasted screenshots (for example chart screenshots) are not automatically downloadable and have do be downloaded manually one by one.

Who owns my data in TradeBench and who can see it?

Your data in TradeBench is your data. We can access the data in order to help you/troubleshoot issues for you, but will only do so if you require support. Sharing: If you want, you can share your data, i.e. trades and/or trading journals, with friends, a trading coach or anyone else but by default your data is private so you will actively have to choose to share it before it’s shared with anyone.

How about security, availability, servers and backups?

We take security very seriously and continuously apply efforts to have the most secure setup possible. This includes code audits, security tests, using HTTPSCloudFlare protection and more. TradeBench is hosted on solid servers run on Amazon infrastructure with a track record of extremely high security and availability. We have an average monthly uptime of above 99,9% and, of course, continuous and secure backups. If you wish, you can also easily export your closed trades data from TradeBench to your computer to keep a local backup.

I have a question not answered above

Please contact us and we will do our best to help answer your question.

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Conditions of use for our Trading Journal tools

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Plus 1 of the following:

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Simple as that. Those links, donations and the monthly sponsored e-mail cover our costs of running, maintaining and supporting your use of TradeBench.

If you’d like, go ahead and try TradeBench right away. You can delete your account and thus opt-out of sponsored e-mails at any time.

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