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Conditions of use for our Trading Journal tools

You may use TradeBench and all features as much as you’d like in exchange of:

  • Receiving 1 sponsored e-mail per month: You accept to receive and open up to 1 sponsored e-mail per month. Sometimes we don’t send one, but when we do, we’ll be the sender as we don’t share your e-mail address (or any other data) with anyone. If the sponsored message is of no interest, you are – of course – free to delete it.

Plus 1 of the following:

  • Linking to us: Add a link to www.tradebench.com somewhere relevant on the web. It could be on a webpage you own, in a short blogpost about us, in a trading forum, or likewise. Why? The more people that find and use TradeBench, the better we can keep it cost free.
  • Supporting us with a donationView donation options

Simple as that. Those links, donations and the monthly sponsored e-mail cover our costs of running, maintaining and supporting your use of TradeBench.

If you’d like, go ahead and try TradeBench right away. You can delete your account and thus opt-out of sponsored e-mails at any time.

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* To use our tools and all features as much as you’d like for free, all you have to do is click one or two sponsor/partner links per month. We’ll either show the link(s) when you log in and/or send an e-mail (maximum 1 per month) with the link(s).