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A structured approach to improve your trading 📈

How it works

Trading spreadsheet the online way

Far better than an Excel trading journal spreadsheet, TradeBench is a an online suite of trading tools that can help you in your trade planning and comparison before entry, management of open trades after entry and review of trades after closing them. Also, TradeBench provides customizable risk and money management parameters that helps you calculate exactly how much to allocate to each trade.

Your profitability is our goal

Our number one goal with TradeBench is to make every trader using our system a more profitable trader.

The goal is not achieved through some black box proprietary system as often seen in the trading industry. Instead, it is achieved by giving you a structured approach to your trade planning, position sizing, risk and money management – all with customizable parameters set by yourself.

Our online trading journal and tools offer an easy-to-use way of journaling your trades, making reviewing and learning from previous trades a part of your trading routine.

Position sizing, risk & money management

See how our tools can help you calculate exact amount to invest and risk for a stock, forex, crypto, CFD or futures Trade here.

Benefits of our trading journal & planning tools

If you want to learn more about our approach, the benefits and our trading tools before signing up, you can find more information on the Features page.

External reviews

If you want to read what others have to say about our tools, here are a few links to external websites/blogs that have reviewed TradeBench. We are not affiliated with any of them.
– The website Money Crashers have done a TradeBench review (link opens in a new tab/window).
– Vimal at Wealthinzen have reviewed TradeBench at the bottom of his blogpost How to make a perfect Trading Journal (link opens in a new tab/window).

Here’s our built-in process that will help you become a better trader:

Plan Trade
Position sizing, compare trades, risk and money management *

Enter Trade
Multiple entries supported, i.e. scaling in to trades.

Manage Trade
See realized and unrealized performance, what-if calculations, etc.

Exit Trade
Multiple exits supported, i.e. scaling out of trades.

Review & Improve
What was done right and what could be improved on.

* Although we encourage making a trade plan before entering a trade, it is possible to enter trades without using the trade plan and risk management features.

Trading philosophy

View our collection of famous trading quotes that support our view on trading and thus the functionality of TradeBench.

Trading profitability

Nearly every successful trader plan trades and keeps a trading journal. They know it is one of the most powerful things they can do to influence their trading skills and – ultimately – their profitability.

A tool for better trading decisions

Our trading software is intended for serious traders only. Serious traders use TradeBench as a trading journal to increase their profitability and make better trading decisions through some of the features mentioned above.

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