How do we offer TradeBench free of charge

There are only a small handful of alternatives to TradeBench out there and they're all paid services which makes good sense as it costs a lot of money to run and develop advanced online tools/webapps such as ours. Most others charge 29-49 USD per month, or 200-400 USD per year, while TradeBench is completely free.

So how can we provide it for free? We've decided to take a different path to cover our costs and thereby yours. The path is a monthly sponsored email from us and getting lots of social media followers in order to grow our user base more rapidly. This means that by signing up as a TradeBench user, you accept to:

a) Liking and following us on:
Facebook Click "Like" + click arrow down and mark "Get notifications" and, if you'd like, "See first"
and/or on
Twitter: Click "Follow".


b) Receive (and open) a maximum of 1 sponsored e-mail per month. We'll be the sender as we don't share your data (including your e-mail address) with anyone. If our sponsor in that e-mail has nothing of interest to you, you are of course welcome to delete the e-mail and continue using TradeBench cost free.

Simple as that. Those Like & follows plus the monthly sponsored email cover our costs and we know most people prefer that to paying the subscription fee otherwise required.

If you haven't already, feel free to sign up to see and use TradeBench. You can delete your account and opt-out of e-mails at any time.

Best wishes,

Founder & CEO, TradeBench

PS. Even though we provide TradeBench for free, I sincerely hope you'll find TradeBench much better than our pay-to-use competitors. Our goal is to provide you with the best trading tool possible - a tool that will help you become a better, more efficient and profitable trader.