Partners / Sponsors

As you may have read elsewhere on our website, TradeBench is free to use in exchange of you clicking a partner/sponsor link once in a while.

To give you an idea of who we partner up with and thereby who you might be asked to click a link to, here are some of our current partners/sponsors:

Thank you for supporting our partners/sponsors and thereby helping us in keeping TradeBench cost free to use.

TradeBench is free to use for you (and others) because we get paid by sponsors/partners.

To use all our tools and features as much as you’d like, all you have to do is click one or two sponsor/partner links per month. We’ll either show the link(s) when you log in and/or send you an e-mail (maximum 1 per month) with the link(s).

How to help us keep TradeBench free:
The more people that find and use TradeBench (and click those links), the better we can keep it cost free. So it would be great for us – and yourself 😊 – if you would help us spread the word. Thank you 🙏

You can help spread the word by adding a link to somewhere relevant on the web, tweeting about us on Twitter with a link to our website, linking to us from a webpage you own, in a short blog post, in a trading forum, or similar.